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Renowned specialist publishers of automation technology are supporting the all about automation. The latest magazine editions of the media partners will be available free of charge at the Media Corner during the exhibition.

Premium media partners

The trade magazine ROBOTIK UND PRODUKTION is completely dedicated to the topic of robotics and production and sees itself as the leading medium that offers this dynamic industry an exclusive media platform.
With the permanent columns and changing focus topics, we always keep the reader up to date on what is current and worth knowing in the robotics industry. Consequently, our readers will find just about everything that the topic of robotics and production has to offer. With this magazine, you put your product in the public eye and present your solutions to a broad target group. Join us in the exciting world of robotics.

SCHALTSCHRANKBAU trade magazine – Sub-distribution and enclosures. SCHALTSCHRANKBAU is the first and only trade magazine to focus exclusively on this topic and is fully dedicated to the concerns of this special industry.
Based on applications, we report in a practical manner on the special requirements, problems and solutions from the perspective of the switchgear cabinet manufacturer. Well-prepared market overviews and exciting technical articles provide important information and decision-making aids for the user. The announcements and discontinuations of the applicable VDE standards also keep you up to date on what is legally relevant. Join us in the world of control cabinet construction.

SPS-MAGAZIN provides comprehensive information on all areas of the automation industry.
It is known for its high editorial quality and, above all, for picking up on new trends and innovations and preparing them in a practice-oriented manner. As a result, within just a few years SPS-MAGAZIN has advanced to become the most sought-after automation magazine among users, marketing managers and experts in the automation industry – a trade magazine that is trusted by the industry. Our range of topics has been expanding for years.
On the whole, it provides a view of the ‘complete world of automation’ and thus enables the ‘system view’.

Media Partners

atp magazin is the practical magazine for automation and digital transformation in process engineering, manufacturing technology and related sectors of the manufacturing industry. At its core, our readers will find sophisticated and peer-reviewed main articles that address and present new impulses in automation technology. Both editors-in-chief, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mike Barth and Dr.-Ing. Thomas Tauchnitz, also look beyond the horizon of process automation in close coordination and always have an eye for new and exciting topics for their readers.

AUTOCAD & Inventor magazine is an independent practical magazine aimed at all users and decision-makers at companies that work with Autodesk solutions or industry, design, planning and development applications from other manufacturers that are based on them. TARGET GROUP: – Designers – engineers – architects – planners – technicians – technical draftsmen in the industries: Mechanical, mechanical, architectural, construction, building automation, geographic information systems (GIS), plant engineering, building services, electrical engineering.

As a trade magazine for smart factory automation and intelligent robotics, Automation Practice always focuses on the specific solution and the benefits for the user. Practical examples therefore characterize the reporting – we show how robots, handling, assembly, vision, sensor technology and drive and control technology merge to form a successful solution. And we show how flexible automation integrates into the networked smart factory as well as into the edge and cloud worlds.

With over 6,500 companies and more than 1 million employees, mechanical and plant engineering occupies a central position in the German capital goods industry. The sector demonstrates the full spectrum of German industry’s capabilities and is a driving force in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, smart manufacturing, energy efficiency, sustainable production processes or mobility. With its trade media, DER MASCHINENBAU offers the ideal environment for all topics related to mechanical and plant engineering: workflows, technology, working environment, methods and tools.

In DIGITAL ENGINEERING magazine, design engineers and decision-makers will find everything they need for the development, design and operation of complex, technical products and systems such as those found in the manufacturing industry – including mechanical and plant engineering, production technology and the automotive industry.

DIGITAL MANUFACTURING magazine focuses on fundamentals, methods, technical trends, solutions (IT industrial components and machine tools) and practical application examples for the entire process chain in industrial production. In DIGITAL MANUFACTURING, the process chain continues the topic of production where DIGITAL ENGINEERING magazine ends with product development.

Established and best-known trade journal for electrical automation technology with over 70 years of experience in the market. elektro AUTOMATION emphasizes competent and in-depth system and concept know-how for electrical automation in terms of content. The reader receives the foundation for the realization of modern Industry 4.0 concepts.

The total circulation of HI:TECH CAMPUS is divided into three print magazines (HI:TECH CAMPUS ing, HI:TECH CAMPUS it & HI:TECH CAMPUS NaWi) as well as the SEO platform The magazine is aimed at STEM graduates and has been providing information about exciting employers with unique content since 2005 – what lies behind which profession, what tasks graduates will take on in the future. In this way, companies provide real, natural insights that are significantly more informative than career websites or job ads.

Technologies such as barcodes (1D+2D), RFID, labeling, mobile IT systems, printing & application, logistics software and sensor technology, in their various technological forms and fields of application, have developed steadily in recent years. They form the basic technology for efficient process optimization, planning and control along the value chains of industry, trade and services. ident has been making its contribution in these fields for over 25 years.

The IT&Production trade media primarily focus on IT solutions for the manufacturing industry. From automotive suppliers to pharmaceutical producers – decision-makers, heads of production-related departments and IT managers find out here about process optimization, investment decisions and technology innovations. As the trade magazine for the present and future of the digital factory, IT&Production deals with optimized value creation in manufacturing companies that are at the forefront of local and global markets in the face of intense competition thanks to intelligent technology decisions.

Leading established trade medium for all those who want to solve their design tasks effectively and application-optimized in an increasingly digitalized world. Extensive specialist information and solution approaches on digitization, drive technology (electrical and mechanical), automation, fluid technology, machine elements and materials/processes support readers’ decision-making processes from digital design to the finished product. Additional special issues focus on attractive engineering topics, some with additional full industry coverage.

[me] Magazine for Mechatronics & Engineering is the industry magazine for developers, designers and automation engineers who are overcoming traditional approaches. The magazine reports on the technological and economic consequences of digitalization in mechanical and electrical engineering. [me] describes the opportunities of mechatronic systems in promising industries such as packaging technology. [me] uncovers potential savings in the development of machines and systems and shows ways to digital transformation. [me] stands for competent technical journalism and is aimed at executives who bear responsibility in design and automation.

For more than 29 years, the trade magazine messtec drives Automation has been providing cross-industry information on all aspects of factory and process automation. The focus is on automation solutions. New products, trends and applications are reported on in market and industry analyses, company portraits, technology and application reports, and interviews. The print magazine is supplemented by the online portal and other digital products such as the WIN newsletter, the webcasts 2 min Essentials and the virtual trade fair – the Wiley Industry Days.

PC & Industrie is a monthly trade magazine that presents new technologies, products, components and applications from the broad field of industrial automation and measurement and control technology. In technical articles and product information, PC & Industrie provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the market as well as new trends. To set the focus, PC & Industrie is supplemented throughout the year by 11 buyers’ guides and special sections that provide an industry and company overview and the latest product launches on specific topics.”