Industry 4.0 – When users and systems think along.


A component that enables quick and easy installation and integration: the Field Drive System in action in an exemplary system. Source: MSF-Vathauer Antriebstechnik

Controlling a system in a decentralized manner should simplify the production process and give the user more overview and time. “How does your production process work? Is it already 4.0-ready? ”- This is the question that the drive specialist MSF-Vathauer Antriebstechnik, based in the heart of Lippe, asked various companies to find out what optimization potential was still there. The solution: compact and simple.

Flexible production thanks to a system that thinks for itself
Flexibility for the user was one of the most important features in the development phase, which was taken into account in every function of the system. With the selection of various options, the Field Drive System® can simplify the production process and give both the user and the machine manufacturer a better overview, flexibility and greater degrees of freedom. The decentralized motor management system with integrated power distribution saves installation time and resources thanks to the modernized quick connection technology.
“This means that the machine manufacturer’s projects are implemented more quickly and machine users’ downtimes are reduced. With the Field Drive System®, the system availability for the user is considerably increased in the event of maintenance, ”says Managing Director Marc Vathauer.





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