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The ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH offers its customers – and anyone who wants to become one – various products for the industrial automation. Our portfolio includes sensors, encoders, connectors, and I/O systems. In addition, we supply you with custom-fit IoT solutions such as machine data collection, condition monitoring and alarming in case of a machine malfunction of failure. Thanks to our IoT platform you can network machines of different manufaturers and manage them at one central point – either via dashboard or via fully customized apps for your smartphone or tablet. We mean that quite literally: With our modular designing kit, you can create your industrial apps all by yourself: quick, cost-efficient and without any development skills.

What makes us special is that we strive for satisfied customers instead of profit at any price. ELCO takes a very close look when it comes to the requirements and the cost-effort factor for medium-sized companies. We work with the devices that are already available, we maximize their potential and we develop an accurate digitization strategy for each use case. ELCO’s strenth lies in optimizing systems instead of replacing them. We close gaps where needed and do not overall exchange. This way, we not only optimize your production but we also help you save money.




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